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Google Classroom Login

Google classroom is an seamless online classroom and it is a free collaboration app to provide authentic education for teachers and students, where teachers and students can easily log in. Google classroom is an eductional tool provided by Google for schools and teachers to provide and track the learning resources like assignments and classworks.

Google facilitates free Google Docs, Google Sheets, Google Slides, Google Drive, etc for authentic education. Google classroom is an online classroom where students and teachers can easily communicate with each other and can access all the features to distribute assignments and to make important updates, as well as to send essential files.

What is the purpose of a Google classroom?

There are many more benefits of using google classroom. And the main purpose of Google classroom is to provide paperless streamline education between teachers and the students.

Google classroom facilitates teaching more meaningful by creating classes and providing communication. Provides collaboration anytime and  anywhere.

Google classroom Features and Benefits

  • Easy set up
  • Cost free, there is no need to spend money
  • Saves times for every one
  • Easy learning for students
  • Easy communication between teachers and students
  • Students and teachers can see all the assignment and files and work sheets all at one place
  • Teachers can easily make updates according to their work
  • Allows teachers to review the work with kids whether they completed or not, and facilitates collaboration tools to create assignments
  • Keeps them safe and secure
  • Students can make group calls and discussions regarding their  projects.

How do you create an online classroom

It relies on a student or teacher or any other person who wants to create an online Google Classroom. You can create an online classroom in the following ways

School account : If you’re a student, and if you want to create a school account, then you will directly get your user name along with the password from your teacher or administrator. This account will be managed by your teacher or by admin.

And your school account would look like eg: your

How to sign in to Google Classroom

  1. Open web browser, go to
  2. There it shows Go to Classroom, click on it
  3. Enter your email or username and click next
  4. It asks your password, enter password and next
  5. Then click on Accept button

G suite account : G suite is a collection of tools developed by google for students and teachers to educate them. These tools are Gmail, Google Drive, Google Sheets, Google Docs, Google Slides, Google sites, Google Classroom, Google Hangouts, Google sites, Google Calendar etc.

Once if you login to G Suite account that lets you in any of the above accounts.

And this account will be created by your management admin and you will get the credentials of that particular account. Eg: your

How to sign in G Suite

  1. Open web browser, go to
  2. It shows sign in, click on sign in button by giving username and password
  3. Then it shows you ‘pick your role’ , select your role.
  4. If you select as teacher to create class
  5. On the Home page, there you see + symbol, click on the + symbol.
  6. There it pop ups two  join class, create class
  7. If you Click on create class
  8. There will be a page appearing by asking the details of your class, give your class name, section,subject,room etc.

Personal Google Account : This is the account which can be created by you. Here you can give your own username and password as your wish. And you can login anywhere,anytime.

Eg : your

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